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Richard Cheng Quoted in Texas Hemp Coalition Article

Weaver Johnston & Nelson, PLLC attorney Richard Cheng was quoted in the Texas Hemp Coalition article “Texas Hemp Coalition Bring Attention to The Hemp Derived Delta 8 Issue in Texas” on October 21, 2021. The article provides guidance and clarification on the production and manufacture of hemp derived products in Texas.  The Firm is honored to be mentioned in this article.

“The Delta-8 market is a controversial topic in Texas, particularly in the cannabis communities. It is a burgeoning market and has created viable economic opportunities for hemp-based businesses. When you review and compare DSHS regulations, applicable statutes, particularly Chapter 481 of the Texas Health & Safety Code, coupled with the questionable procedures DSHS used to garner comments on Delta-8, there are serious concerns and ambiguities regarding the legal status of Delta-8 products. Further, the Texas legislature had an opportunity to develop laws that explicitly make Delta-8 THC illegal with less ambiguity, but that didn’t happen, so it is confusing for consumers and businesses to understand the legal status. In short, these legal issues are unsettled, and industry stakeholders are likely to challenge the validity of DSHS regulations through the judicial process.”  – Richard Cheng.

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