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Richard Cheng Quoted in Home Care Magazine

Weaver Johnston & Nelson, PLLC attorney Richard Y. Cheng was recently quoted in the Home Care Magazine article “What Home Health Providers Need to Know about THC Delta-8.” This article discusses THC Delta-8 and the legal troubles both home health providers and their employees can get into regarding it.  The Firm is honored to be mentioned in this article.

Any cannabis products containing less than .3% Delta-9 is considered hemp under the Controlled Substances Act. Delta-8 is “a minor compound that occurs naturally in trace amounts…Delta-8 is similar to THC, but it has a lower affinity for the cannabinoid receptor type 1 than THC. That means Delta-8 has both intoxicating and therapeutic effects similar to Delta-9, but to a weaker extent.”  – Richard Y. Cheng

Click here to read the full article.