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Weaver Johnston Nelson

This is the main landing page of Weaver Johnston & Nelson, offering an introduction to our firm, its services, and other key highlights.


Learn about our firm's expertise in the cannabis industry, both hemp and marijuana. Learn how to navigate in this quickly changing legal space.


Understand our firm's services in corporate law and how we assist businesses at various stages, from formation to management.


Learn about our firm's specialization in healthcare law and how we aid our clients in transactional matters, litigation, and more.


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Our Firm

Learn about the Weaver Johnston & Nelson firm, our history, values, mission and more.

Our Practice

Here you will find more information on our firm's areas of practice as well as insights into our expertise, and the range of legal services we offer.


We aim to provide guidance on how healthcare businesses should respond when presented with a search warrant, the legal implications and recommended actions.


This page offers insights on how to handle a federal grand jury subpoena, especially for those in the healthcare sector. It covers the legal nuances and steps to ensure compliance and protection of rights, but please note, this is not a fully comprehensive "how-to". Contact one of our experts for more information about the specifics of your case.

News Releases

Here you will find press releases or announcements related to the firm, its achievements, new partnerships, and other significant events.

News & Updates

A section dedicated to the latest news, articles, and updates from or about the firm. It might cover recent case victories, new hires, or industry insights.

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This page contains updates on recent legislative and regulatory changes, especially those relevant to our firm's areas of practice like healthcare law.


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