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Governor Abbott Details Phase III of Opening Texas

June 8, 2018

On June 3, 2020, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA-26, which outlines Phase III of the expanded opening of Texas in response to the COVID-19 disaster.  Under Phase III, business establishments in Texas may operate at no more than 50% of the total listed occupancy of the establishment. However, the following exceptions and conditions apply:

  1. The 50% occupancy limit does not apply to most outdoor areas, events, or establishments, except that professional, collegiate, or similar sporting events, swimming pools, water parks, museums and libraries, zoos, aquariums, natural caverns, and similar facilities, and rodeos and equestrian events must still operate at no more than 50% of the normal operating limits.
  2. The 50% occupancy limit does not apply to the following establishments that operate with at least six feet of social distancing between work stations:
    • Cosmetology salons, hair salons, barber shops, nail salons/shops, and other establishments where licensed cosmetologists or barbers practice their trade;
    • Massage establishments and other facilities where licensed massage therapists or other persons licensed or otherwise authorized to practice; and
    • Other personal-care and beauty services such as tanning salons, tattoo studios, piercing studios, hair removal services, and hair loss treatment.
  3. There is no occupancy limit for religious services conducted in churches, congregations, and houses of worship, child-care services, youth camps, and recreational sports programs for youths and adults.

Executive Order GA-26 also prohibits people from visiting nursing homes, state supported living centers, assisted living facilities, or long-term care facilities, which are all required to follow infection control policies and practices set forth by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.